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Live In Key West - A Survival Guide For Newcomers

It's easy to fall in love with Key West, quit your job and head for the allure of island life - swaying palm trees, warm water and sunsets every day, the laid back atmosphere that is quintessential Key West. But when reality sets in, you'll find the Southernmost City is everything you dreamed.

You may need a helping hand along the way.

Businesses Beyond the Tourist Traps

There is not really a locals Key West hidden where tourists never peep, but there are lots of local resources that new and wanna be residents found helpful.

Key West Citizen is the local newspaper. It may remind you of your college rag, but it's the only daily on the island. And you will enjoy the Citizen's Voice once you realize the editors don't make it up. To order a subscription or complain about your missing paper: 305-292-7777.

Key West Business Guild

Key West Chamber of Commerce

If you're starting a new business, we have a local Key West attorney who specializes in start ups, contract and business law: Jennifer Hulse: The Hulse Law Office 531 Whitehead Street(305) 292-7771.