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Key West Restaurants I Like ...

I love to have stop in for lunch at the Sugar Apple’s Juice Bar. Sugar Apple is a local health food store, just a few blocks away. Wonderful salads ( I love the tahini dressing) and yummy veggie burgers with a spicy mayo.

917 Simonton Street
(Closed Sundays)
(305) 292-0043

Turtle Kraals

This used to be my favorite Key West restaurant. The food is still good but not quite what it was, and the service is friendly but they have been understaffed lately. If you go, I can recommend the seafood enchiladas and I would suggest you go on Thursdays when my friend, Adrienne plays from 6 to 9. You won't find a sweeter voice in Key West. She plays rock and folk ballads from our era and her own original songs are my favorite. Tell her you're a friend of mine and you'll get the sweetest smile

231 Margaret Street
(305) 294-2640

If you go to Turtle Kraals for breakfast or lunch you can sit along the marina and watch the people parade. If you go during the day you can sit along the marina and watch the people parade. Turtle Kraals is at one end of a harbour walk that lines Key West Bight, the town’s historic harbour. After your meal, wander along the harbour. You’ll find the Schooner Wharf Bar and Conch Republic (good for a drink, but I never eat there … it’s not bad, but it’s inconsistent and not worth the bucks). A bit further and you will come to the Commodore House – pricey but delicious – and the A&B Lobster House. I love the A&B and I love Alonzo’s Oyster Bar downstairs at the A&B. Excellent baked oysters, a wide variety of fresh oysters and all the local seafood.

1208 Simonton Street
(305) 292-1199

Great Italian food, a pleasant atmosphere, not too highly priced, service very nice.

1401 Simonton Street
(305) 293-0304
This is my favorite sushi restaurant in Key West. The atmosphere is so upscale cosmopolitan you may think you're back on the mainland, but the fish couldn't be fresher and the preparation and presentation is just as it should be. I suggest reservations if you don't want to wait for a table, but there is usually a space on one of the sushi bars.

Caroline’s Café on Duval
310 Duval Street
(305) 294-7511

Caroline's is an open area eatery with good food, (breakfast lunch or dinner) nice service and reasonable prices. Great for people watching any hour. There's a bar there, too, where you can perch and watch the parade.

Pepe’s Pepe's Cafe
806 Caroline Street
(305) 294-7192

Pepe's is the oldest restaurant on the island. Excellent food, breakfast, lunch or dinner. Nice outdoor seating and bar area.

Blue Heaven
729 Thomas Street
(305) 296-8666

Truly one of the best – for delicious, creative cuisine, for true funky Key West atmosphere (which may include chickens under your feet) for good service, for a day when you’re patient. You will wait for a table, but it’s totally worth it. The atmosphere is downright island, and always has been. Ernest Hemingway lived nearby in the 1930s and was a referee in the boxing ring where locals duked it out. Papa occasionally got in the ring himself. There was a bordello on the second floor in those days.

Bo's Fish Wagon
801 Caroline St
Key West, FL 33040

The best fish sandwich in town in a funky, old shack on the corner of Caroline William Streets. Don't miss it!

If you like Thai you should be very happy with the restaurant on Greene Street, catecornered from Sloppy Joe’s. There’s a floating Thai restaurant on North Roosevelt that’s decent (though not as good as the Greene Street place) but it’s a treat to sit on the water, especially at Sunset. The service is a bit spotty at both. These are the only two Thai restaurants I can recommend.

Thai Cuisine
513 Greene Street
(305) 294-9424

Thai Life Floating Restaurant
1801 North Roosevelt Boulevard
(305) 296-9907 (closed Tuesdays)

More on Food – Groceries

In addition to Sugar Apple for some fresh veggies and health foods, there are two small “gourmet” grocery stores in Old Town - Fausto’s on Fleming (which is bigger and better) and on White Street across from Sandy’s Café. You can also head out North Roosevelt and have your pick of 3 regular chain stores: Winn Dixie, Albertson’s and Publix. Publix is furthest, but they are all close together, and I like the Publix best. It has the best selection of organic produce and meats.